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Dipna Patel who is part of Shubhaarambh gets into a conversation with IWMBuzz.com

Dusky boys don’t go through as much hell as dusky gals: Dipna Patel  
Gujarati film and TV actor Dipna Patel is one brave girl,  for this model turned actor is ready to look very dusky and de-glam on the screen. She plays the lead Raja’s(Akshit Sukhija) bhabhi’s role in the Colors show, Shubharambh.
“I know many other gals from the modeling frat like me (Miss India 2012, runner up)  would have balked at a less glamorous avatar. Also, this is my first foray into the Hindi market, so the audience is not aware of my real look.”
“But I took it up for also being a theatre( commercial and intensive ) actor, I know the importance of being versatile. There is no sense in just dolling up.”
 Talking about the character, she says, “Darshana Reshammiya represents many dark girls, who faces a lot of criticism and prejudice for their skin colors right from childhood. Dark guys seem to  get away much lighter.”
“I feel stressed just playing her, so I can understand what torture these women must be going through. So in a way, I take this role as an ode to them.”
 Going on, she says “Darshana’s parents have given a huge dowry to get her married into the Reshammiya clan, but even then  she she is not respected by in-laws.”
 “Darshana knowing the perils of a loveless marriage, supports Raja and Rani (Mahima Makwana), for they love each other as well,” she adds.
Here Dipna hopes that, as time passes, her character graph will get juicier and varied.
“It is not easy getting the dark make up done. Since I wear saris, my entire body, i.e., neckline, hands, and back, etc. has to be colored. It takes about three hours to get ready. I need a few days off just to let my skin breathe.”
Looking ahead, Dipna would be game for web series as well, “While I have no issues going bold if the character demands, luckily today, we have many online  shows  which don’t thrive on that element alone as well, so there is a vast palette to choose from.”
Way to go, Dipna!!

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