Candid chat with Shweta Mahadik

I am enjoying playing someone close to my real-life age: Shweta Mahadik

Shweta Mahadik, who is playing the negative lead in Zee TV show, Guddan – Tumse Na Ho Paayega, is very happy to be vamp. “For this genre gives you a lot of layering and stuff to do, as opposed to positive leads that don’t have much to do. There is also scope for improvisation during scenes, which helps to sharpen our acting skills for bigger and better outings down the road.”

“Further, this is just what the doctor ordered, for I am playing someone my age. To be honest, I was not too happy with my previous show’s older characters, i.e. Krishnadasi (2016) and Ek Shringaar-Swabhiman (2016).”

Shweta also does not feel too stressed by the constant evocation of negative emotions. “I know some actors crib about taking them home. I did face it a bit at first but now I have learnt the art of switching on and switching off. While it does not affect your personal life, it certainly does take a toll on your thinking, especially when you have to psyche yourself out for certain scenes that require a great deal of internalization.”

Point out that female actors beyond 21 don’t seem to get lead roles, and she says, “While this is the norm, things are changing, with mature shows like Bade Achhe Lagte Hain also being made.”

“While I would love to be a lead, I am happy with my current space, for the biggest plus point is that we character artists never die. Once you have done a central role, you don’t want to lower your graph, while we can easily do comedy and other stuff as well.”

In closing, while Shweta would be game for differentiated content in web series, she is a big cagey about going dare-bare. “Let’s see what kind of characters and story boards come along, and do they justify the boldness.”

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