Kirti Nagpure, who essays the role of Tulsi in Zee TV’s Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan, believes that there is no life without nature and the environment. Today, as we celebrate World Environment Day, she reveals how to protect the environment. The day is celebrated on June 5 to advocate the causes of the environmental call of action.

She quipped, “There is no life without nature and environment nor for humans, nor animals.  It plays a very important role in everyone’s life, and we should do everything we can to keep it safe and sound. Also, I believe no particular day can be dedicated to the environment. We should keep it clean and focus on living a sustainable life daily. I ensure that unless it is necessary or there is no substitute, I don’t use things like plastic, which harms us and nature. Unlike animals, we have the power to think and do better for the world by our actions, hence I would like to request everyone to please use this privilege wisely and do the best you can for the environment’s safety.”

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