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Astha Choudhary shares her two cents on the ongoing Bigg Boss season and contestants.

Even if Shukla and Rashami had a thing in the past, both need to move on: Astha Choudhary

Cute and talented actor Astha Choudhary, last seen in Colors show Kesari Nandan feels that as of now, Siddhartha Shukla (her co-star in Babul Ka Aangann Chootey Na) seems to be the leader of the Bigg Boss 13 house. “His constant scraps with Rashami Desai seem to be all over the place. Sometimes I wonder why they keep fighting for no rhyme or reason. Again, the game has just started, with wild cards entries yet to come, so maybe someone will give him a run for his money?”

Since you know Shukla since a while, what could be the reason for his and Rashami’s difference of opinion?

“We are not in constant touch, but yes, are friends. I even wished him when he entered this big ticket Colors reality show.”

“Although I don’t know the real reason for this meltdown, maybe creative differences (worked together in Dil Se Dil Tak), coupled with personality traits? Siddharth is a very headstrong guy. If he dislikes you, he will not hold back his punches. He has never cared about what the word thinks or not of his actions.”

Can it be, as Shehnaaz Gill wondered, that maybe it was a relationship gone sour? “I don’t know, but even if it was, you can’t use that as a sticking point forever. Eventually, both need to bury the past and move on with dignity.”

When asked to comment on Shukla’s take down of Mahira Sharma with the ‘your shoe is better than your face’ quip, she says, “I have not seen the full episode, so will not want to comment. Having said that, I also believe that it would be wrong to always paint men as wrong.”

“Agreed Siddharth says those words, but you also need to understand why. Maybe Mahira too said something to tick him off. The format is such that once you find a chink in your opponent’s armour, you will keep poking at it.”

“Like Siddharth, Arti too is a headstrong gal, who won’t take shit. I don’t know about last night, but if Siddharth Dey did tell her sexist stuff, it makes sense for Shukla to get into the melee. No one should tolerate denigration of women,” says Astha, who has done several other shows like Uttaran (with Rashami), Veera etc.

What about other contestants’ game?

“With the Siddharth – Rashami fights eclipsing everything else, other inmates are just not being seen!”

Your two cents on Paras Chhabra? “To be honest, I never get his mojo. He is playing the game. As for Shehnaaz, is she really that dumb or putting up a façade?”

In closing, we ask her about the public perception about this year being the pits in terms of too much drama and friction. “This happens every year, does it not? For me, the worst season was the one with Priyanka Jagg and Swami Om, which crossed all limits. This voyeurism (current season connections emphasis) does make for interesting viewing. I think Bigg Boss 13 should be a ratings guzzler”, ended Astha.

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