Phool Singh who plays the role of Ladoo Singh in &TV’s Bitti Business Wali talks about his role, the concept of the show and much more.

Every woman should be given a certain personal allowance: Phool Singh of Bitti Business Wali

Veteran TV actor Phool Singh is hopeful that his women empowerment &TV show, Bitti Business Wali, will spread awareness about the need for the fairer sex to be self-sufficient.

“Every woman has certain personal expenses, for which she needs to ask money from her father, husband, brother or son. Would it not be better that, apart from running the house, the men could give a certain amount to the female, to spend as per her convenience,” the actor states.

“In the same vein like our female lead, Bitti (Prakruti Misra) demands wife allowance, having seen her mother die due to lack of money and her bhabhis having to beg for a few hundred rupees before their husbands. No wonder she decided to start earning herself,” Phool adds.

Talking about his character in the Raakesh Paswan show, he says, “I play a mafia don, Ladoo Singh, who brooks no interference in his matters, but yes, he really loves his younger son, Mahi (Abhishek Bajaj). Interestingly, it is Bitti’s dadi, Santoshi (Pratima Kannan), who stands up to his high-handedness, which he obviously can’t tolerate.”

Being a method actor, Phool, when first given the script, started to work on the mannerisms and body language of the character. “I grew a beard for the same.”

Unlike other senior actors, Phool does not have grouses against Generation Next. “I always believe in the philosophy of love and peaceful co-existence. I just wish that they would come a bit more trained, which would make things better for all concerned.”

He has previously worked in several shows such as Uttaran, Ishq Ka Rang Safed, Bhagya Vidhata, etc. He also has no problem with TV being female-dominated. “Women always play an important role in life.”

In closing, we ask whether it would have been better for Bitti to have done some other business rather than selling paan, which is not considered socially hep. “Well, she tried selling women’s daily use products, but it came a cropper. She then zeroed in on the above trade after realising that it was the best seller on the street. There is nothing wrong in giving fair competition to the market leader.”


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