Well-known ad film and TV guy, Khalid Siddiqui, is enjoying his new terrorist avatar, in Star Plus show, Mariam Khan Reporting Live (Somersault Productions).

“It is quite a challenge to play someone so dark, who kills without emotions. Till now, I have always played very sweet positive characters, so it was a refreshing change.”

When asked as to what made Majaaz, who was always a very principled journalist, to tip over so much, he said, “Well, you need to understand that a lot happened to him; his life went topsy-turvy.”

“Having said that, there is a lot more to the story, which will unravel soon. His daughter, Mariam (Mahima Makwana) is sure that her father can’t be a terrorist, while Fawad Ashraf (Param Singh), on the other hand, has misread my actions, so he hates my character.”

Khalid, who entered full-fledged TV as late as late as 2015, with Dream Girl, does not understand how TV works, “Especially, when scripts and story plot change overnight due to TRP pulls and pressure. Like, even our story, when it began, dealt with dyslexia, and today we are on a different level altogether.”

“But despite all these pulls and pressures, we as artists need to believe in our characters, for if we  don’t, then the whole story will fall flat.”

Khalid added, “As an artist, I always make it a point to give and take respect. No wonder, when I first entered Saath Nibhana Saathiya, the only condition that I put before producer Rashmi Sharma was that no one will give me attitude on set, and she kept her word.”

“In return, I do my bit to the best of my ability. No wonder, most makers always repeat me, even Majid Azam (Somersault Productions), who had produced my Maharakshak: Aryan as well.”

“Here, I wish to say that while doing Ek Shringaar – Swabhimaan, there was one scene which I was not creatively satisfied by, but did it when told that it was written by Sooraj Barjatya. Later, when I met him, he thanked me for doing it. No need to say that it came out well. He is a superb gentleman; you always feel small in front of his humility. He also repeated me in Piya Albela.”

In closing, Khalid, when asked about the casting couch in TVC, says, “It was very clean back in my time (started way back in 1990). I don’t know what is happening to both boys and girls now. I worked with the best in the industry and it was very professional.”