Namish Taneja talks about life and happiness.

Experiences in life have only taught me to fight back hard – Namish Taneja

Popular actor Namish Taneja who essays the lead role of Satya in Star Plus’ Ikyawann might be just 23 years old, but he is one guy who has gained huge levels of maturity very early in life!!

And as they say, you learn with every mistake you make and with every bad experience you face!!

The same holds good for Namish who was once a youngster who never gave an ear to the ‘gyaan’ talks coming from his elders. And now, life has come a full circle as he calls himself as a guy who is capable of giving ‘free gyaan’ to whoever aims to strive for happiness.

Says Namish, “I will not call myself an introvert, but I am one who is very much focussed at carrying out my responsibility towards my family. Even as an actor, I feel that I hold a big responsibility of being as expressive as I can so that viewers understand my character’s point of view.”

Namish has seen a lot at such a small age, and every experience has made him stronger. “I have earned a lot and lost a lot too. I have suffered a grave back injury owing to a mistake I did when I was very young. There have been times when I have wasted time, and have even been penniless. All this has only taught me to fight back and fight back hard. I have realized that as I have been growing in my career, my parents have been getting older. So I got them to shift their base to Mumbai so that I can spend as much quality time as possible with them. They have been my biggest support and will continue to do be so.”

Namish’s thought about life is very interesting. “I believe in relaxing and not getting pressurized with the mundane stress and strain. We need to feel the best of life by being stress-free. We need to know to count our happiness, and that is possible only when you are calm in mind,” he explains.

Namish who has been in a relationship with Aanchal Sharma, a Chartered Accountant by profession says that he is not keen on marriage now. “I am just 23, and will not marry for at least 7-8 years. Aanchal is with me in my plan and approves of my idea. I need to work hard as I have a small yet distinct target in front of me.”

Namish, continue to be the way you are!!

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