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Fans cannot cross the line: Kunal Jaisingh

Fans can be both, a boon and a bane. Kunal Jaisingh–Omkara of Ishqbaaaz– is learning this the hard way. He is troubled by some fans who have unnecessarily gotten personal on Twitter and Instagram, “which I think is morally and ethically wrong. You can’t shut up everybody. So, I just try to ignore these immature people.”

But is that because fans take you as family, hence, end up saying such stuff? “No, even then you can’t cross the line. We are all mature individuals, free to follow our own lives. Can you ask your father and brother to do what you want? I am no one to comment on others, but abusing and poking your nose in other people’s business only says a lot about your own upbringing.”

“Having said that, I doff my hat to most of my fans, whose love and affection has made me who I am. A heartfelt thank you guys! Please keep watching Ishqbaaaz,” he says.

Shifting base to the alleged news about the show going off air, he says, “These are all rumours, and we laugh at them. Agreed, our numbers have come down a tad, but these ups and downs happen in daily soaps, and it only makes us strive to get even better. Ishqbaaaz has always done well, thanks to its theme of three men, which is not common-place. Also, the fact that all the three Oberoi brothers have distinct personalities has been the icing on the cake.”

Here, Kunal says he would be more than happy if the creative adds a negative touch to his character. “Having said that, they know better.”

Looking ahead, he would want to come out of the positive graph and try a psycho character as well. “As these types of abnormal characters have not been explored on TV before, it would be fun.”

In closing, we ask him whether the recent overall low numbers of Star Plus might be affecting the show, and he replies, “I am not the right person to comment on this. But yes, I maintain that we are not going anywhere for some time. I will really be surprised, if something like this happens.”

Wish you more success, Kunal.

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