I am fine playing bold characters, but not comfortable smooching on screen – Shiny Doshi

Shiny Doshi gets into a conversation with IndianWikiMedia.com

I am fine playing bold characters, but not comfortable smooching on screen – Shiny Doshi

Fearing the backlash of ‘out of sight is out of mind’, many actors end up signing wrong projects.

However, Shiny Doshi, last seen in Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi 8, isn’t in a tearing hurry to be seen again on the small screen.

Says the actress, “I’d rather wait for juicy projects in untried genres. Next, I would like to try out a dark character. “I am not afraid of being left out, for having done good work back to back (Saraswatichandra, Sarojini- Ek Nayi Pehal and Bahu Hamari Rajnikant), I have full confidence in myself.”

“It is very important for an actor to take a break, which allows us time to work on our body, face and acting abilities, thereby opening up vistas to do different types of roles. Sadly, TV does not give us that much liberty in that zone; yet I try to extract as much mileage as possible,” she states.

Shiny’s game changed with Jamai Raja, Season 3. “Rubbing shoulders with senior and talented actors like Ravi Dubey and Mouli Ganguly, etc really helps your cause. Every day you learn so much.”

Besides TV, she would be game for web series as well. “I don’t have qualms playing bold characters as the format demands, but will not be comfortable smooching on screen. Certain limitations are off the table.”

Shiny also seems to be part of the group that believes you can’t make friends in the TV industry.  “I am just pally with Jamai Raja co-star Pranitaa Pandit, and I am in a very happy space. I don’t know if competition creeps in or anything, but I am very choosy about my companions. I can’t stand fakes; I prefer honesty.”

After Fear Factor, she refuses to comment on whether she would next like to try her hands at Bigg Boss. “Fear Factor has made me a much stronger person. At first, I was hesitant, but I am glad that I took the plunge. Everybody should try Khatron Ke Khiladi at least once in their lifetime, if given an opportunity.”

What keeps her going, when many TV actors don’t last more than one show? “Just be loyal and passionate towards your work, everything else will fall into place.”

All the luck to you, Shiny!!

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