Popular actor Neha Marda talks about her role in Zee TV’s Piya Albela.

For the first time, I play a role that is neither typically positive nor negative: Neha Marda

We have seen popular actress Neha Marda in sweet and endearing roles in shows Balika Vadhu, Doli Armaanon Ki etc. In her recent stint in Zee TV’s Piya Albela, she will get into the skin of a character she has never played before… As we know, the show is produced by Rajshri Productions.

In an exclusive conversation with IWMBuzz, Neha talks about her character and much more…

Says Neha, “Bela is a mix of all shades that you will find in any novel girl. She’s docile, protected, very pretty to look at, and as her journey progresses, she gets to be seen as a grey, head-strong girl. She knows how to take her revenge.I think for the first time, I am doing a character which is neither a typical positive character nor a negative character. She has her reasons for doing everything. So for the first time in my acting status, I am doing a character that is justified in her actions, even when she can be perceived in either ways by others. This will be an amazing character in my journey of life so far. Otherwise, she is a very positive girl, comes from a protective family. She has her dreams in her small village ambience. It will be a journey for her, where she will become street-smart and from being a docile girl, will turn out into a complete opposite, having logic always for whatever she does.”

Talking about the look in the show, Neha states, “Definitely, coming from a small village, Bela is initially shown to be in a rural look. As you know, the main family in the show has all fancy and modern people. My look will be very different from this to begin with. However, when she later gets into their place, she will get bit more colourful, but she will never become as dressed liked the main family members.”

Neha is happy to be associated yet again with Zee TV, with whom her last major stint happened with Doli Armaanon Ki.

Here’s wishing Neha all the very best!!

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