Richa Sony talks about how actors get limited to playing the same kind of characters on TV and how she wants to explore new areas as an actor.

I am focussing on the non-explored areas as an actor: Richa Sony

Talented actress Richa Sony who was last seen in Star Bharat’s Musakaan feels that television leaves actors with little or no scope to get the role that they deserve.

Richa recently left Musakaan owing to creative limitations. Now, she is geared up for the short film ‘Seasoned with Love’ which she shot recently. The film is made by Lakshmi R. Iyer who has earlier made short films Appa, Wrong Mistake and M.E.S. Twenty Five.

The short film also stars actors Sudhanshu Pandey and Flora Saini.

Says Richa, “It is a lovely story. I had a very good experience shooting for it. Lakshmi is a very deep thinker; there is a dearth of female directors and she is a pleasure to work with. She helped me a lot to understand my character.”

Comparing work on TV to the digital medium, Richa explains, “The drawback of TV is that we do not know when to stop. There is less time to shoot; hence we deliver our lines and move on to the next. Lakshmi liked me and was confident that I could pull off this role. In fact, my audition for this short film happened even without makeup.”

Richa expresses her disappointment over the TV industry typecasting actors and thus reducing their opportunities to showcase their talent. “I wanted to take a serious break from TV as I felt that people were not giving me what I deserved. I have worked quite a lot and when I don’t get what I want, it is better to change the path and move ahead. I was waiting for the right opportunity and right kind of people to work with. Life is all about exploring yourself. I have my restaurant running and I am working towards my hobbies. So in the acting field too, I had to do whatever I wanted to do.”

Speaking about what went wrong with Musakaan she states, “Well, I did not get what was promised. I was casted as the antagonist. But the track shifted to something else. I got to do nothing and hence I moved out post the leap.”

“I am happy that this short film happened to me. It was great to work with Lakshmi. It is amazing to see her handle everything. It was fun working with Sudhanshu and Flora,” she adds.

About her work on television, she states, “I have a long innings to play on TV. It has taught me a lot. But as of now, I am focussing on non-explored areas as an actor.”

Best of luck, Richa!!

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