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Paras Kalnawat who plays the lead role in Meri Durga talks about his journey with the show.

My forte lies in doing negative roles: Paras Kalnawat

Handsome hunk Paras Kalnawat has had an amazing journey of six months with Star Plus’ Meri Durga (Paperback Films). And this initial success comes after a phase wherein he had to struggle for work.

Paras who debuted on TV with this show, has worked on his acting skills with time. Says the actor, “There was a time when I was told by my crew to improve on my acting skills. But today the same people have come up to me and have appreciated my work. This makes me happy. This only shows I am growing as an actor. Agreed, there is a long road to go and many things to be learnt. Meri Durga has given me a good foundation. I have met some amazing people here, starting from the actors to director to crew members. I am getting a lot of exposure in the present track.”

Paras claims that his forte lies in negative roles. “I was glad that Sanjay Prince got grey shades in between. I think I will do well in grey and negative roles. Also, I can do a good job at comedy.”

Even though the main plot of Meri Durga revolves around a girl and her journey, Paras has no regrets being part of the show. “I have a good screen presence in the show and that is what that matters. The track as of now is revolving around Durga and her husband (that is Paras’ character). Hence I have a lot more to do. Also, the track is for the first time proceeding towards the romantic path. And this is one thing that viewers have been waiting for. So there is lot to look forward to, I will say.”

Paras who started his way up in his career with modelling shares a good rapport off the screen with co-actor and lead, Srishti Jain. “We are good friends. We spend time together on set, having fun when we are not shooting.”

Paras, wish you luck!!

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