Rupali Ganguly talks about the decision of Rajan Shahi and the channel in postponing the show Anupamaa.

I have full faith in Rajan Shahi and Star Plus: Rupali Ganguly

We had earlier reported that the launch of new Star Plus showAnupamaa has been deferred due to Coronavirus outbreak and Producer Rajan Shahi had confirmed the same to us at

As we know, the shoot of TV, web and films will be stopped from 18 March, and hence the decision of Anupamaa’s postponement does not come as a surprise.

Anupamaa lead actor Rupali Ganguly who supports the move tells us, “Anupamaa is a beautiful show and deserves to do good. It should get maximum reach and it is better to start non-stop than to start and stop in a limbo. We have no idea when it will be safe to resume normal life and work. So it is in the best interest of the show and unit, that Rajan Sir has taken the decision.”

Talking about Rajan Shahi, she states, “Rajan Shahi is a maverick maker and this is a very special show for him. It is huge to postpone the launch a day before the date. It takes a lot of guts to make a decision like this, and I know that he has made the right decision. Hats off to Star Plus too for trusting the Producer in all entirely. The channel and our entire team have full faith in his vision. Working with him, I have realized, he will take a loss, go out of his budgets, but do something he totally believes in. No matter what, he will never let his audience down.”

“When I see Anupamaa from an audience point of view, I feel every episode is beautiful and is shot very well. It is sure to touch hearts. I cannot tell you how blessed I am to be a part of this show and to get so much love from the people for Anupamaa. I totally stand by Rajan Sir’s decision and vision. May we tide over these trying times with safety and precaution.”

Best of luck to you and the show, Rupali!!

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