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Candid chat with Chetan Hansraj 

It is fun to be rude to people on screen: Chetan Hansraj 

Success comes with a price. Good-looking dude, Chetan Hansraj, who always wanted to try his hands at a web series, had to turn down a juicy Sudhir Mishra hostage-based digital show,  as he is already committed to chart buster Colors show, Naagin 3.

“It was quite a big dilemma for me, but eventually I turned it down, for I never go back on my word. Also, this is Balaji, with whom I have a great working equation (Kya Hadsaa Kya Haqeeqat, Chandra Nandini, Kya Huaa Tera Vaada, etc.).”

“As of now, my 20 days are blocked with Ekta, so don’t have time for anything else. But I am hoping to bring it down to10-15 days soon, leaving me with enough time to work on other projects.”

Talking about Naagin, he says, “This concept always works. I guess, the potent combination of superb CG visuals and our desi fixation with this holy reptile is our USP.”

“We began with a TRP of 4.2 and are now hovering around 4. Most other popular shows are below 3.”

When we point out that Naagin 2 averaged around 2.5, he says, “We not only have a superb story, but great good-looking actors to boot (Pearl Puri, Surbhi Jyoti etc.). Over all, everything is falling into place.”

Naagin 1 had the best average, around 6.

Chetan has no issues playing a father to guys not much younger than him. “We are actors, doing our job. Also, playing a very powerful father to such a large family is interesting, as you get much more to do. This is my first dad outing and I am pretty comfortable. Andy Sehgal (my character name) has no clue what hell his ambition of forcibly turning the mandir will have on his clan.”

Chetan, who has reveled in the negative genre over the years, is lucky to have got different shades in the same genre. “My last 2 baddie roles have been in historicals or mytho (Peshwa Bajirao, and Mahakali Anth Hi Aarambh), where you speak much slower and with greater purpose. Here, I am essaying a more normal character. I always make it a point to add my personality, unlike few other villains, who only ham.”

“Further, it is better to play a baddie, especially at my age, for as positive, I will only end up getting kurta-clad, crying, babuji roles. Had I got those, I would have been banging my head by now. Isn’t it more fun to be rude to people on screen?”

In closing, he jokingly quips, “My character is really brave, for he is with 2 women (Rakshanda Khan and Pavitra Punia). Most men can’t handle one.”

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