Actor Gauravv Mukesh is seen in an interesting negative avatar in Star Plus’ newly launched show Maati Se Bandhi Dor. The show produced by Sobo Films has Gauravv playing the role of Jaikant Mohite Patil. His character has been shown to be at loggerheads with the female lead, Vaiju (Rutuja Bajwe). The actor talks about the deliberate switch to play negative role, after doing comic and positive roles till now.

Talking about his wily character, Gauravv tells us, “Jaykant is a negative character who wants to take control of everything. He doesn’t care about the consequences, as long as he benefits. He dislikes anyone who opposes him. This role is very different from the ones I usually play, which are positive and often comedic.”

“Playing Jaikant has been a new and exciting experience for me. People were sceptical about me playing this role because I usually have a positive image, so it was a challenge for me to go beyond that,” he adds.

On the challenges associated with this character, Gauravv explains, “The show has a Marathi background, which was unfamiliar to me, so I had a lot to learn. Most of the actors are Marathi and they’ve been very helpful. I’m eager to see how the audience reacts. The biggest challenge for me was the Marathi language, so I started practising at home with my Marathi-speaking maid, asking her to translate from Hindi. I was nervous at first, but as an actor, these challenges helped improve my skills. I’m trying my best and enjoying the process, learning something new every day.”

Gauravv who is married to actor Rajshri Rani, was blessed with a boy baby this year in February. “Becoming a father has changed my life in many ways. After coming home from shoot, my first thought is to see and spend time with my child. The “us” time between Rajshri (my wife) and me has decreased, and it’s a bit challenging to find time for each other and our child in the same 24 hours. When I’m not shooting, I love spending time with him. Even though he can’t talk yet, I talk to him a lot and even make his bed. Life has completely turned around, and it’s amazing. We’re enjoying this phase right now,” says Gauravv who is also engrossed in enjoying his parenthood.

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