Nikki Sharma who is seen in Roop in conversation.

I get the best of both worlds, with kids and elders on the set of Roop: Nikki Sharma

Nikki Sharma is enjoying her stint in the Colors show Roop – Mard Ka Naya Swaroop (Rashmi Sharma Productions).

Nikki who has been part of shows like Krishndasi, Dehleez, Sasural Simar Ka plays the eldest daughter in Shamsher’s (Yash Tonk) family.

Says Nikki, “This has been a good journey. It is all about the kids on the set. It is real fun to be with them. The sequences are also very light. Nobody dares speak up in front of the father, but the moment he is out, there is a lot of fun that happens in the show too. I have never been part of such a show with lot of kids. It is great being with Affan (Khan), Ananya (Agarwal), Tasheen (Shah). Also, Mitali (Nag) brings in her son too on the sets. So whenever I am not shooting, I am playing with the kids (smiles).”

Comparing this role to the one in Sasural Simar Ka, Nikki avers, “In Simar, I got married to Piyush. That was a very different character. Also scenes were quite mature and dramatic when compared to the light-hearted ambience here. Also, this role did not come to me easily. It is a bit tough to behave like a kid once you have grown up. So I have worked my way into the character.”

Playing the big sister on and off the screen, Nikki states, “I am blessed to be playing this role. I do not have siblings in real life; so don’t miss being alone now (smiles). I share my room with Tasheen. We all eat together and have loads of fun when we are not shooting. Must mention, the kids are so professional when in front of the camera!!.”

Talking about the seniors in the show, Nikki states, “I gel well with Mitali and Vaishali Thakkar too. In fact, there is a great camaraderie on the set. The best part for me is that I get my time with the kids as well as the elders. You can say I get the best of both worlds.”

Have a great time in the show, Nikki!!

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