The foodies Bhavika Sharma and Ankita Khare are put on a test here on the set of Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin, as they indulge in eating their favourite delicacies.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin: Bhavika Sharma And Ankita Khare Show Love For Food from set

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin actors Bhavika Sharma and Ankita Khare play the role of Savi and Harini in the show. In the show, they are inseparable and are seen helping each other. Off the screen too, they seem to be the best of inseparable friends. As per the plot, Savi is supporting her sister Harini in the show, after Harini has been physically abused and tortured by her husband Kiran. While the plot in the show has brought them closer, they enjoy a great time as they shoot. And this is visible in the videos they post daily. Today is the time to eat and eat when they are not shooting. Yes, they indulge in a wide variety of food platter and we write about the same.

Bhavika and Ankita are seen indulging in healthy food in the beginning. Bhavika starts by giving Ankita black tea and apples. Yum, yum!! Seems like they are dieting and eating right!! But wait here, all of you!! There is more to come!! Soon, Ankita exhibits the wider variety of food that Bhavika gives her to eat. Bhavika is also seen eating this time.

The plate has popcorn, samosa and rice. Yes, Ankita complains in the video saying she was made to eat healthy, and then given all the junkies to eat later on.

The food platter was also put on the exhibit. And the video showed Bhavika and Ankita hogging on to their loved items.

Check the video here.

Video Courtesy: Instagram

Are you all loving the duo of Savi and Harini in the show? For some BTS fun, they are seen giving their fans a happier dose here!!

Well, are your mouths watering now, on seeing this lavish food platter? What do you want to eat now?