Aishwarya Sharma, Pakhi of Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin talks about her best experience as an actor. Check it out.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin’s Aishwarya Sharma talks about one of her ‘best experiences’ as actor, deets inside

Aishwarya Sharma the talented actress who plays the complex role of Patralekha in Star Plus and Cockrow and Shaika Entertainment’s popular show Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin has been a class act. Every time Aishwarya has been given a sequence of relevance and drama, she has come out of it with flying colors.

We have seen her thrive and revel in the role of Pakhi who even when married to one son of the Chavan household, cannot let go of her past feelings for the other son. Her onscreen tussles with the character of Sai (Ayesha Singh) have always been magical.

Recently, viewers got to see a different shade of the actor Aishwarya Sharma in the play that was put up to unite Harinee with Devyani. Aishwarya donned the role of Devyani in the play, and how well did she come out with the feelings that the character has. When Aishwarya wept and cried in the play, it seemed as though we were seeing the real character of Devyani (Mitaali Nag) go through that pain.

This sequence instantly got us talking to Aishwarya who shared her thoughts with us, “Yes, it was totally different from Pakhi. For me, that experience was top of the world because, in one day, I got to play so many emotions. I felt like I am doing a theater play. The lighting and performing on stage were different feelings. Everything about the play and being a part of it was so different.”

Talking about Pakhi and Devyani, Aishwarya narrates, “Devyani has never liked Pakhi. Pakhi very well knew this, and even with this, she agreed to do the role.”

Aishwarya credits her power of observation for having got the nuances of Devyani right in the play. “As an actor, I observe each and every character I come across, both on and off the screen. I have observed Mitaali playing the character of Devyani very closely. Honestly, when I was shooting this sequence for the play, the dialogues given to me got over, but I kept on improvising. Nobody called it a ‘Cut’ and people urged to cut the scene. Later, I saw everyone present out there clapping, and the man saying ‘Cut bolne ka mann hi nahi hua’. This was one of my best experiences as an actor.”


Truly, the performance of Aishwarya took the cake in the play!! If you have not watched it, you have surely missed out on something nice.

Continue your good work, Aishwarya!!