At a time when shows shut down in a matter of few months, Star Bharat’s Jiji  Maa continues to rock even after one year.

No wonder lead actor Dishank Arora is pleased as a punch. “I am really blessed to be part of this project which has given me so much name and fame. I attribute our success to a very good story and of course great co-stars like Tanvi Dogra, Rajev Paul and of course Pallavi Pradhan who plays my on screen  mother.”

Talking about his character Suyyash, Dishank says,  “I am lucky to have got to play different shades in the past one year i.e  loving son and husband. But yes for a long time his mother who he regarded as God remained the focal point of his life.”

“But eventually when the cookie crumbled and he came to know of  Uttara Devi’s true colors (she is not his biological mother)  his entire life came crashing down like a pack of cards.”

“I really enjoyed playing this track as an actor as it allowed me play with lots of contrasting emotions. Also I am glad that the change finally came around, for it was getting a  bit tough justifying Suyyash’s  continuing  ignorance. Even my fans were not liking his behaviour towards his better half Falguni (Tanvi).”

Looking ahead Dishank who first came on the scene with Ek Boond Ishq (Life OK)  would want to try his hands at even more challenging  characters,  “Doing an action avatar is right up my bucket list.”

Dishank has been lucky to have got to experiment with all genres, i.e. TV and web (Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat). He had also  been part of the thriller flick Missing on a Weekend which came in 2016. “I had immediately said yes to this project, for it was a great unit. I got to work with a veteran actor like Pawan Malhotra who also appreciated me.”

“I am glad to have got to experience the ups and downs of trade which will now holds me in good stead. Getting early success without proper grounding has its down sides, for you don’t want to take the advice you get.”

Best of luck, Dishank.