Rehaan Roy the antagonist of Zee TV’s Guddan gets into a conversation with on his role and playout.

I am glad that viewers have accepted Parv as a funny, negative guy: Rehaan Roy

Actor Rehaan Roy is playing the evil yet cute Parv very well in Zee TV’s Guddan… Tumse Na Ho Payega, the popular show produced by Ved Raj’s Shoonya Square Productions.

It’s impossible to not get excited on seeing Parv on screen and Rehaan is happy that his character has connected with viewers in a big way.

Says Rehaan, “I am enjoying playing Parv as he is the one who creates confusions and plays all games. The show has good content coming up and I am all the more excited.”

The challenge before Rehaan was to believe in his character before he got into the shoes of it. “To begin with, I had to believe that such kind of people do exist in this world. Unless you believe, it is tough to play the character. Once I had taken this into consideration, the challenge was to play it convincingly in a rather funny way. I have got lots of comments that Parv is one villain who gets loved too. This is what I wanted to achieve with this role. In fact, the producer and writers keep telling me that Parv should not look like a typical negative. He is one person who cannot misbehave with Guddan. However, he will try to create problems for her. I am glad that the playout is working and is being loved.”

Ask him about the best part of playing Parv and he is quick to say, “Even though Parv is negative, he has some cuteness in his character. He is not the terrorizing villain and this aspect has appealed to the audience.”

Way to go, Rehaan!!

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