Aparna Kumar aka Queen Madhumali of Mayavi Maling gets into a conversation.

I am the most glamorous character in Mayavi Maling: Aparna Kumar

The beautiful Aparna Kumar, who is playing the negative lead in Star Bharat fantasy show, Mayavi Maling (Peninsula Pictures), is enjoying the process.

She says, “I love this genre, for you can do what you want in the clean zone, to please your target audience i.e. kids.”

Coming to her character, Aparna says, “Queen Madhumali is rank evil, not having known anything else. She takes life as a joke, her only weakness being her son, Angad (Harshad Arora). I am the show’s glamour quotient. While the queens are regal, and the princesses, beautiful girls next door, only Madhumali can be totally over the top with diamonds, etc. It takes me two hours to get dressed.”

Aparna who hails from Delhi has done shows like Sara Akash, Jaane Kya Baat Hui and Sarojini – Ek Nayi Pehal.

Do you have any issue doing those mother-son scenes, since there is not much age difference between you and Harshad? “Well, we are doing our job. If you remember, even in Mother India, Nargis was barely two years older than Sunil Dutt; yet she did a great job as his on-screen mother. That they then went on to marry is a different matter.”

“Also, here I have two other on-screen sons, apart from Angad, and they are quite young. On set, we joke a lot. They say they are proud to have such a hot mother,” she avers.

Being a real actor, Aparna immerses herself totally in the character. “I add my own stuff when in flow. For example, if I feel the need to repeat my takiya kalam in one scene, I will do it.”

“Although chromo shooting restricts the use of props, my character still gets to use her hands, especially her fingers,” adds Aparna.

In closing, Aparna says, “We all have worked very hard, even showing underwater horse racing. Hope the audiences warm up to our efforts.”

All the best, Aparna!!

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