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Was a great learning experience: Deven Bhojani on voicing Olaf in Frozen 2

Deven Bhojani is one of the most talented and hardworking names in the Indian TV industry. The actor made his TV debut way back in the year 1987 with the famous show Malgudi Days and since then, a spree of successful comic roles helped him earn a lot of fame and recognition. To his credit, he’s also won several awards for his directorial Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai which is a rage in the comedy space. After many achievements in his already illustrious career, Deven added another feather to his cap when he became the Hindi voice for the very popular character of Olaf from Frozen 2, the Hollywood original of which is voiced by the legendary Josh Gad. Regarding the achievement, Deven got into an exclusive conversation with IWMBuzz to tell us more about the feat, his emotions, and a lot more. Excerpts:

First of all, many congratulations on being the Hindi voice of the one and only Hollywood’s Olaf, Josh Gad. He also praised you openly on social media. How is the feeling deep down in the heart?

I got a lot of praise for voicing Olaf in Hindi, when FROZEN 2 was released. Recently someone sent me a link where Josh Gad had praised me on all his social media platforms by posting,

“I feel like I should come clean and tell you guys.. this is not me, but I would like whoever this is to dub my life”.

It’s quite a compliment! It was really sweet of him to say this. I reciprocated by posting,

“Hahaha.. thanks @Joshgad, Well I’d love for the original Olaf to dub mine. Let’s make a deal”.

It feels nice when your effort is acknowledged, especially if it’s by a person whose work you admire.

You were earlier quoted as saying that you were ‘nervous’ before taking the voice-over project. A fantastic and experienced actor like you and nervous? Can’t relate. Please tell us more about that?

I feel nervous every time I am about to enter the stage while doing a play. I feel nervous while putting the final touches on my make-up just before the shot during a film or TV shoot. Similarly, I felt nervous before this voicing too. Since this was my first time, the degree was an ounce more; but once I start anything, then I go the whole hog. Perhaps subconsciously, I relate to the quote, ‘You’ve to take a step back before you leap forward’

What according to you was the best part about voicing for the snowman?

It was challenging since it was my first but the best part about voicing was exploring my own self. To voice for someone who doesn’t exist in real, but it’s an adorable popular animated character, was a great learning experience. I feel humbled when my learning becomes entertainment for people to such an extent.

What are your personal favourite works of Josh Gad?

Well, I have really liked Josh’s performance as ‘Lefou’ in “Beauty and the Beast”, but as ‘Olaf’ he was superb. He had set the bar so high that I had to work a little hard to match that every time. Plus, I interpreted the character in my own way and also gave my creative inputs for Olaf!

Lastly, this is quite an achievement. Does it excite you now even more to be a part of more Hollywood voice-over projects?

Oh Yes! I enjoyed the whole process of voicing and I am even more excited after the appreciation. Olaf was great to begin with and now I’m looking forward to do more voice-over projects. It’s super fun.

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