Beautiful and gorgeous Nikita Dutta is quite happy with the initial reaction to her big-ticket Sony show Haasil (Alchemy Productions).

Says Nikita to, “The entire team has worked very hard and touchwood so far, the public response has been very positive. I am hoping that we can keep up this consistency.”

Talking about her character, she says, “I love Aanchal for she is what every today’s gal aspires to be i.e. smart, confident and ready to fight for the right, no matter who the opposition is! Most female actors would have given an arm or leg to be in my shoes.”

“This is my best TV show done till date; I have been very picky about the kind of projects I associate myself with (Dream Girl). And looking at the grand film like manner in which Haasil has unfolded, it has been worth my wait.”

Nikita had first done a film Lekar Hum Deewaana Dil before moving to TV.

Coming to her look which is winning reams of praise, Nikita says, “Keeping in tune with our relatability concept, Aanchal dresses formally to work, adorns kurti or jeans to the NGO and is very casual at home. Just like your average metro Jane. And I guess this is working as more and people can identify with her.”

She is enjoying working with both her co-stars Zayed Khan and Vatsal Sheth. “It is a breeze;   we are having lots of fun even during shoots. I am blessed to have a great professional bonding with both.”

On the concept of two men duelling for her character’s heart she says, “While It feels nice to be given that much importance, the story going ahead has many more layers; you have not seen anything yet.”

In closing we ask her about the not so great ratings the show is garnering so far and she quips, “I am not the right person to comment on this and secondly I don’t believe these numbers are the correct way to measure a show’s popularity as well. I don’t go by them.”

Wish you the best of time on Haasil, Nikita!!