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The popular sitcom Happu Ki Ultan Paltan has successfully managed to draw the attention of the audience within a short span of time. To everyone’s surprise, the show has not only worked well but also made its way to the second most viewed show on And TV.

Happy-Beni or Vibhuti-Manmohan – which onscreen BFF Jodi is your favourite?

Being the childhood friend of Happu Singh, Beni is more like a brother to him. Both have done their schooling together and are of the same age. The only difference between the two is that one is married and has 9 kids and the other is waiting for his ladylove to accept his proposal. It is funny how Beni can literally read Happu’s expression without saying.

Supporting each other is the best part of every friendship. No matter how much they fight or tease, they always support each other when needed. We wish we had a friend like this. Such friendships are very rare and shouldn’t be taken for granted.
The next Jodi on the list is Vibhuti and Manmohan, a.k.a. Nulla and Kachha-Baniyan from Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain. Keeping aside the fact that both men are crushing on each other’s wives, these characters share a love and hate relationship. No matter how many times they fight, they eventually help and support each other.

They earlier used to hate each other as both were jealous of the other, for being married to the ones they had crushes on. Theirs is kind of a love-hate relationship. Though they show that they hate each other, they don’t but they care for each other deeply. The time when they both got drunk on the roof, they accepted to caring for each other deeply.
Both of these BFF pairs are our favourites. They are a perfect example of friendship. Which is your favourite Jodi?

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