Actress Purvi Mundada who recently shot for the lead role in Vikram Bhatt web-series Faceless plays a very different kind of avatar in Star Plus show Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji, produced by Gul Khan and Nilanjana Purkayasstha.

Purvi Mundada plays the village belle wife of Rocky (Ansh Bagri) who has had a bad marital life.

Rocky had married Harleen, Purvi’s character in the show owing to the pressure put in by his mother. However, Rocky has never loved or cared for Harleen.

Says Purvi, “This is a very interesting character, considering that Harleen is a woman who has been deprived of her husband’s love fofr five years now. She does not know of Happy being alive. So as a normal Indian wife, she expects her husband to shower all love on her. She has this conservative mindset of being with the husband, come what may. However, due to pressure from her mother-in-law she tries all that she can to keep Rocky happy. She even goes to the extent of wooing her man by donning modern dresses. But nothing falls in her favour and she still continues to be sad.”

Purvi is happy to play such a role. “She is the positive Indian woman who feels that she has to be with her husband all her life. Harleen is a very justified character. She genuinely loves her husband and craves for his attention. Since Happy is not alive as per her thought process, she feels that Rocky needs to come back to her. Harleen is also upset as Rocky does not shower the fatherly love on her child, Honey (Azinky Mishra).”

“Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji is a nice show, and we have a track in the backdrop of the terrorists and bomb blast too. The coming sequences should be nice and entertaining,” she states.

Purvi has been part of the show Chandrakantha on TV earlier.

Here’s wishing Purvi Mundada all the very best!!