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IWMBUZZ gets into a candid chat with Pratibha Ranta, the new lead of Qurbaan Hua

Himachal girl Pratibha Ranta and lead of TV show Qurbaan Hua finds inspiration in Kangana Ranaut
Pretty Pratibha Ranta, who is currently pursuing a graduate degree in film making, is all set for her TV debut. The girl plays the role of Chahat in Zee TV’s next primetime offering Qurbaan Hua produced by Full House Media. 

The show brings forward the journey of two equally powerful and headstrong individuals whose destinies find them entering the institution of marriage with agendas of their own, a move that is about to change their fate forever.

Pratibha’s character Chahat is an open-minded, compassionate girl, who wants to work for the benefit of poor people. An ambitious person, Chahat wants to be a top doctor, just like her abbu (dad) and treat the underprivileged. In fact, she has more faith in humanity than in any religion. The 24-year-old also believes in action over the discussion and though she is extremely beautiful, it is her intelligence that will grab everyone’s attention. However, her world turns upside down when her father has to pack his bags and escape from the city after the blame for the death of Neel’s sister begins to pose a threat to his own life.
In an exclusive conversation with IWMBuzz.com, Pratibha speaks about her new character, show and more… Excerpts

Congratulations on the new show, how did you bag Qurbaan Hua?

Thank you. I auditioned for this show and learned that I cracked the second level as well. Then I had a mock shoot with Karan Jotwani. After two days, I was told that I was locked for the show. The character that I am playing is of a very strong girl who is not scared of anyone. She is also very kind-hearted. The love for her father makes her stronger. 

Any special preparation to play the character Chahat?

The character is of a Muslim girl, hence taking up the body language of the same was difficult. The dialect and to learn Urdu words was a task. It is an ongoing process. I saw Zindagi Gulzar Hai to understand and get a brief idea about Muslim girls. I am now focusing on my dialect and it is difficult but I am learning. I don’t have a mentor to teach me but I am going by my script. 
I want to challenge myself as an actor and make my state proud: Pratibha Ranta 5

Being a debutant, do you have any pressure? 

I come from a very small town, Shimla. You have to carry a lot of confidence when you come to a big place and act on such a big platform. You have to be confident. I was not so. However, my sister groomed me and helped me a lot. However, having said that, when I am on set, I don’t let my pressure affect my performance. 

Who is your inspiration in life? 

Kangana Ranaut really inspired me. We both are from the same place. Today, I feel, Himachal has a lot of talent but doesn’t have platforms to showcase. Personally, I feel things will get better and good. Talking about Karan, I wasn’t aware of him. I directly met him on the mock shoot. 
I want to challenge myself as an actor and make my state proud: Pratibha Ranta 4

How was the first experience in front of the camera?

I have done acting but had not faced the camera. I did a lot of stage performances. When I came to Mumbai, I was not confident in front of the camera. On the first day of my shoot, I was nervous. However, I kept one thing in my mind that it is a big opportunity for me and I don’t have to ruin it. 

A little bit about your journey to reach here?

I had a liking towards acting and dancing. Initially, I did it because I used to like it as a hobby. I joined a dance academy and then I decided to take it as a career. My teacher taught me that if I have to reach a level then I have to make sacrifices. My friends used to go to picnics and parties but I knew I have to compete,so I made those sacrifices to reach the next level. I also got the result. I used to work hard the entire day. 

Any dream role? 

I don’t have any dream project but would like to take up good roles. I want to challenge myself as an actor and I just want to make my state proud. It is just a beginning, I want to make my family happy and proud. Everyone in my hometown is very happy and proud already that I bagged a show on Zee. With all these, comes responsibilities. I have to make sure that I have to bring my character alive for the audience. 

Good luck girl!

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