Gauri Pradhan in conversation with about her meetup with Hiten and about her show, Tu Aashiqui.

Hiten was in tears as he could not react; but I am happy that he saw me – Gauri Pradhan

Talented actress Gauri Pradhan is presently savouring every moment of her brief meet-up with her actor husband Hiten Tejwani in the Bigg Boss house!! had a chat with the charming lady and got to talk to her about her emotional moment with her husband in the Bigg Boss house, on her life away from Hiten, on her show and amazing role in Tu Aashiqui.

Gauri said, “It was amazing to meet Hiten. But the only sad part was that he could not say or do anything. But I felt very happy on meeting him (smiles).”

Bigg Boss comes up with unique strategies when it comes to every contestant, and in the case of Gauri and Hiten’s meetup in the Bigg Boss house, Hiten was not given a chance to get released after getting frozen. Thus it was a one-sided affair for Gauri when she met her husband. This episode will be telecast tonight. This is what Gauri had to say. “Sad that in my case, they did not release him. They did it for everybody and I went with a taken-for-granted feeling that it will happen for me too. But they did not do it for me. Hiten must have been very upset that he could not talk.”

Gauri being the ever-loving wife did have some tips to give to her husband. “I told him that he is playing really well and should continue playing the game in the same way. I asked him to take care of his health as he has lost lots of weight. I told him that everything is good at home, and that kids miss him. I did not want to stress him out, so spoke of all the general things to him. I encouraged him, is I have to tell you in short.”

On her lovely moment with Hiten in the house, Gauri let out her feelings. “It was really nice, but as I said, he has lost weight, so I felt really bad. Yes, it was nice to see him, touch him and feel him. He was in tears as he could not react after seeing me after so long. But I am happy that he at least got to see me. So I think he will be fine. Well, I was expecting him to be released, but it did not happen. Guess they have different strategies for everybody. So all is part of the game.”

Hiten and Gauri have always enjoyed each others’ company and have a close-knit family. With Hiten being away, and Gauri being busy with her show Tu Aashiqui on Colors, we were inquisitive to know how she has been managing all so well. “Yes, it has been tough. When I started to work, he used to manage his work in such a way that he used to come home early and have some time with the kids. But my work is very demanding right now. My day starts at 5 in the morning, and I work around to pack my kids to school at 8am and reach my set. And when I come back at 10 in the night, my kids are already asleep. So it’s really tough, but my parents keep coming every week from Pune to spend few days. They help me out and look after kids too. So I am managing somehow. I have a good staff at home. I also try to get a week off for my kids. So I am working out things. And then, I have to watch Bigg Boss everyday. I see to it that I do not miss watching Hiten.”

When asked about Hiten’s strategy out there in the house, Gauri said, “He is playing the game really well. He is exactly what he is in real life. He is very non-controversial, chilled out, calm and patience personified. He’s going in the right direction. The only thing is that he’s very talkative and entertaining outside, but we don’t get to see that in what is shown in Bigg Boss. Obviously, they cannot show everything that happens there.”

Apart from Hiten, Gauri felt that Shilpa and Vikas are playing really well. However, Gauri wants Hiten to come back as winner. “Yes, I even told him that he needs to return as a winner, after being away from family for so long,” Gauri chided with a smile.

Tu Aashiqui, Gauri’s show on Colors is doing really well and has amassed huge ratings of 2.4 in the latest rating list. Expressing her happiness, Gauri said, “Yes, the show is really doing well. You know, I took up this show with the thought that as I am not the main lead, I will get enough free time. But every character has such an important part to play that I end up shooting everyday. I have never played such a character in my life, so I am enjoying.”

Anita, her character in the show is bitchy to the core, a complete opposite to what Gauri is. On her role, Gauri averred, “Yes, that is the reason why I took this role. It is so big a contrast to what I am. Initially, I used to be very excited playing Anita. But now I feel how could a person be as bitchy as she is. Honestly, I was very sceptical of this role as I have never played such a role. But it is amazing to see that everybody loves it. The concept of the show is different and the characterization is so different. The time slot was also a question mark as we got an early evening slot of 7 PM. But all I can say now is that when you have a good product, the time slot does not matter.”

On her rapport with her co-actors, Gauri stated, “The girls are really amazing. I bond very nicely with Jannat and Nidhi. Jannat is so good at her work; she is a seasoned actress now. Ahaan that is Ritvik is a very nice boy. It’s also very good to work with Rahil.”

Gauri, wish you a blessed life!!

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