Sucheta Khanna on her new show Excuse Me Madam

I hope Excuse Me Madam will make you smile in these difficult times: Sucheta Khanna

Excuse Me Madam (Edit ll) is all set to enthrall its viewers. The show is based on the lives of around three unique characters, Sanam played by Rajesh Kumar, Kranti played by Sucheta Khanna and Madam played by Nyra Banerjee. It’s a fun story revolving around Sanam who falls head over heels over his Madam.

Sucheta Khanna, the talented actress who was seen in Lapataganj, is playing the lead role of Kranti in the Star Bharat show. The actress got in a candid chat with and spoke about the show. Read on:

How excited are you to be a part of Excuse Me Madam?

I am excited to work with this team as we have mutually been wanting to work together ever since FIR but either I had a show in my kitty or they were not casting when I was free. However, now finally I am getting to work with them and I am very glad because they have their content and presentation are amazing. I truly feel blessed to be working with them.

Do you have any pressure as you are doing a sequel to a hit show?

I don’t know much about it being a sequel. I do know that it’s a very fresh perspective to the said concept. Even in terms of the acting, we are going very natural and there is no drama.

Tell us about your character?

I play the role of Kranti, a doting housewife, who is crazy about her husband and takes care of every small thing to such an extent that he feels claustrophobic. She is also lovable, bubbly and happy.

How is your rapport with your co-stars?

I am just getting to know my co-actors as I have just started shooting. I have worked with Rajesh in reality shows where we were competitors. I have had a long association with Anup Upadhyay in Lapataganj, he is a wonderful actor and I get to learn a lot from him. On the other hand, Rajesh is a natural actor and it doesn’t feel like we are acting with him.

Are you scared of shooting during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Yes, working in the COVID situation is scary but we are taking utmost precautions personally as well as from the production’s side. Hence we feel safe.

How did you spend your quarantine time?

For me, quarantine time was family time only except for essential shopping. I have pets they take up most of my day happily.

Any final message

A note to my fan family and friends would be that you all have always liked my work and thank you for always being there. I am coming back with a new show Excuse Me Madam so do support me in my new project. I am hoping that our team can entertain you and keep you all smiling in these difficult times.

Good luck Sucheta!

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