I hope Hiten Tejwani wins as he is sweet and does not get sucked into politics – Lucinda Nicholas | IWMBuzz

Lucinda Nicholas, the surprise elimination from the Bigg Boss house in conversation with IndianWikiMedia.com

I hope Hiten Tejwani wins as he is sweet and does not get sucked into politics – Lucinda Nicholas

Australian model Lucinda Nicholas, the surprise Padosi eliminated contestant is quite disappointed that she had to leave so soon. “It was sad that I went out not on account of audience voting but because inmates chose me to leave. Also we Padosis failed in our task which made us open for elimination.”

She accepted that she was low profile. “Being Padosis our job was to observe and decide who was right or wrong and I was more focused on my task. I was just beginning to get warmed up. Had I lasted a couple of weeks more, I would have really come out in own.”

When asked about her take on the house mates she said, “It was not right on Shilpa Shinde’s part to nominate me just on the basis of my nationality; today we live in multi-cultural societies. As for Vikas Gupta, it was wrong to judge someone on the basis of their sexuality and religion.”

Lucinda who has acted in few Indian films said, “In hindsight I should have been more forth coming about Akash’s inappropriate actions (he was trying to flirt with her and wanted to kiss her); back then I laughed them off, as my job was to be neutral and not to create controversy. But then he went ahead and nominated me.”

Lucinda felt Hina Khan is playing the game very well, “This well known TV star (Yeh Rishta and Khatron Ke Khiladi) is smart and will be a key player in the time to come in the show.”

Regarding her fellow Padosis she said, “I hit it off well with Sabyasachi; he cooks well and is really fun. I could not connect with the others, for in the second week we had the cape task and I did not go beyond. Although they botched up the above task, I don’t have any personal grudges against anyone.”

When asked about Arshi Khan’s use of harsh language she said, “I don’t think she will win hearts by being mean. It is up to her to decide what kind of image she wants to portray of herself to the world, let’s face it Bigg Boss has a huge audience pool. I don’t buy the theory that you need to resort to negativity to get noticed. Entertainment can also be provided in a positive way.”

In the same vein Lucinda hoped that, “I hope Hiten Tejwani wins, as he is not only very sweet, but does not get sucked into the politics as well.”

In closing, we asked about her chance of coming back as a possible wild card entry. “I don’t think so but if do I will go more prepared. And yes I will better my communication skills as I was told I was quiet in my time.”

Lucinda, wish you luck!!

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