Sriti Jha’s video where she talks about ‘women empowerment’ goes viral. The video leaves Instagram users all rejuvenated. Scroll beneath to check on the video of the Kumkum Bhagya star

‘Humne jebein kamayi hai,’ Sriti Jha’s power talk on women empowerment, watch 810739

Sriti Jha, the talented actress known for her impactful roles, recently raised an important issue regarding women empowerment and the ongoing debate about the lack of pockets in women’s jeans. Speaking passionately on the subject, Jha highlighted the disparity faced by women when it comes to this seemingly small yet significant aspect of clothing. She emphasized how pockets symbolize independence and functionality, allowing individuals to carry essential items conveniently.

Jha asserted that it is disheartening to witness how women have had to earn their right to pockets, while it has been readily available for men. Her comments shed light on the larger conversation surrounding gender equality and the need to challenge prevailing norms that limit women’s freedom of movement and practicality in their everyday lives. Sriti Jha’s candid remarks serve as a reminder that empowering women goes beyond just rhetoric and requires addressing even the seemingly minor aspects of societal disparities, such as the absence of pockets, to ensure a more equitable and inclusive future.

Tape A Tale shares the video of Sriti Jha

Sharing the video on social media, the page wrote, “No, this is not a complain, this is a demand. Pockets were made to keep things and (unpopular opinion) women too have things to keep. ✅
For many centuries now pockets for us were just a fake stitch on jeans, but now we demand a full pocket to keep our keys, money, lipsticks, and every other thing. ??
In this Tape A Tale video, Sriti Jha very explicitly puts out the details of yet another injustice has been done against women and oh, don’t you find her feminism too much because this is just the start ?‍♀️”

Take a look-


One wrote, “Finally …. Someone said it.. It’s a marketing strategy so that women buy purses and stuff like that..”

Another wrote, “Yaar where are the full preferences?? I am tired of checking the YouTube space. I am missing something”

A third user wrote, “@itisriti sriti Di u have created another masterpiece ?? much love ?”

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