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I am always aware of the thin line between acting and over acting: Angad Hasija

There is a problem. Angad Hasija’s daughter is not talking to him. Reason? She doesn’t like her father’s bad man role in &TV show Waaris.  “She keeps asking me…why do you behave in such a way?” informs Angad in a candid chat with IndianWikiMedia.

Talking about his character Chander, he says, “I really like playing him for he is so unlike me.  He is just like those few Punjab villager dudes who lust after anything which moves in skirts.”

“I am very observant and whenever I travel back to my home state of Punjab, I make notes of how people behave.  For internalizing Chander, I aped many rich young Punjabi mundas, who though have not stepped outside their village, think they own the world.  They don’t even have a personality, yet are attitude galore.”

Angad feels happy when people come forward and say they really note the evil in his character’s face. “Here I must credit the entire team which has worked very hard on the characterization, right from costumes, dialogues and body language.  While doing my bad mojo I am always aware of the thin line between acting and over acting, lest things go awry.”

So what else does public tell you?  “Recently, when I went to   Punjab, some aunties walked up to me and quipped here you are very quiet, while you do all those bad stuff on screen.”

“Interestingly, not only lay people even some industry people have reacted weirdly recently. I noticed few girls on set were keeping their distances. I told them relax, I am not him in real life .”

Angad finds himself lucky to have got to do different kind of roles over the years. “Be it the mental guy in Bidaai to the dacoit Phulwa and now this hardcore Punjabi villain, I am always on look out for juicy stuff.”

Asked about any major change in him since he started acting  way back in 2008 and he says, “I am still the same. Even now after my scenes I am not sure if I have done a good job, so always ask the director.  Here I must admit that I am very lucky to have great directors who have always got the best out of me.   Even in this show director sir tells me to go with the flow, but does guide me before take. I add a lot of my above takes including use of Punjabi accent and dialogues to make it look authentic and more evil. ”

Point out that ratings of Waaris are not great and he says,“As an actor my job is to do full justice to the lines given to me.  Things like numbers are not in my hands, for that you better speak to the channel and production house.”

Great going Angad, wish you more success.

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