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I am an actor, I want to act, don’t want to become a star: Manit Joura

Powerhouse of talent Manit Joura, after a long hiatus, is back to fiction space with Zee TV’s Kundali Bhagya.

After being part of few TV shows like 12/24 Karol Bagh, Ram Milaayi Jodi, Mujhse Kuchh Kehti…Yeh Khamoshiyaan, Manit was busy doing films. The actor has proved that he is the perfect example of talent and charm.

In a chit chat with IndianWikiMedia, Manit speaks about his character, show, struggle and more. Excerpts…

What prompted you to take up this role?

I was busy doing movies. I was looking for roles which are more challenging as an actor. What could be better than Balaji Telefilms offering you a show? They offered me a good role. The good thing about the production house is that they have amazing people on board. They do their research and their content is really strong. I feel Balaji Telefilms create stars. I have never worked with Balaji so picked this one.

The response to the show has been good… so how does it feel? 

I am extremely happy with the kind of response we have received from the audience. It is a collective effort and not a one man job. In fact, we got a message from team Balaji also that we have done a commendable job. We all work together to achieve one common goal.

I am not one of those actors who spend a lot of time doing make-up and hair

How has your journey been on TV?

It has been a crazy ride. I actually began in 2007, a decade has passed. It is almost a journey from a boy to man. I learnt a lot in the course. I came across some good and bad people. I had my share of fun, experience. One most important thing that I have observed is that I have changed as a man. I have become a better human being. The kind of mind set I had when I entered the industry has improved in a very positive way. As an actor I have improved after working with different set of directors and producers. Everyone comes from a different school of thought so I was fortunate enough that I got an opportunity to work with some of the fantastic directors. I have been choosey about work. My drive as an actor was never to pick anything and everything. My drive was to do exclusive work. It has been a great journey.

Tell us something about your struggle period…

I had grown through the process, like a normal actor. I have done auditions and gone through rejections. I saw people clapping for me whenever I did a good job and also there were times when I did something amazing and no one acknowledged it. It was interesting as you grow as an actor. I feel if you have that hunger to improve not just economically but as a human being, everything else is taken care of. I feel TV is not an easy task. There is vast competition. A lot of work is happening on TV currently, new producers, directors and new bunch of actors are coming in. TV allows less time to spend with your character. I come from an acting school. I was taught that actors should spend time with their scenes. I like to keep this thing alive. I spend a lot of time with my script and on my character. I do my home work. I think it is a biggest high for me when my craft and character is accepted. When people say, ‘Hey Manit, you acted really well’ that gives me a better high than ‘Hey, Manit you looking good’. What gives me more happiness is when people praise my craft over my looks.

So do you feel that craft is more important than looks for an actor?

Yes, absolutely, I wish I pay more attention to my looks also but unfortunately, I am not one of those actors who spend a lot of time doing make-up and hair. However, now I am trying to do that too as there are people out there who want you to look good.

You have been in this industry for a decade now, so what changes have you seen in the industry?

As an actor, I can say that the process of casting has changed. Now, people are acknowledging good actors and performers. Earlier people used to select actors on the basis of looks. Now, makers are working on the story and realizing the need of a good actor. I wish content could be better. I think it can evolve more. But I feel it is not the problem of the maker. There are people out there who have done the experiment but unfortunately, those experiments are not taken by the audience in a right spirit. At the end of the day, everyone looks at the numbers. When you try something new and if it is not appreciated well with the audience than you take a back seat and say I would rather be safe. I feel there should be more of character oriented work.

What type of roles attracts you?

I play a character but there is more of Manit in the character. However, I know how to vanish my identity and portray a completely new avatarL  One has to live the part.  There are many actors who are doing a commendable job. I really appreciated Sriti Jha’s work. I feel now more and more educated people are taking up direction.

TV is a huge medium and you can’t take it for granted


TV is a vast medium. I was shooting for a Tamil movie in Greece. I was sitting in a coffee shop, there was this old lady, who walked up to me and said that ‘can I click a picture with you?’ I was zapped. However, I was more than happy to get the picture clicked. I asked her how she knew me. She said that Zee TV aired in her area and she had seen my work in Ram Milayi Jodi. TV is a huge medium and you can’t take it for granted. Now, I feel good that there are people who don’t take TV granted.

Do you think you have earned your due credit in the industry?

I feel an actor is never satisfied. I never get satisfied with my own work and performance. I am my biggest critic. I should mellow down. The positive part is that it keeps me on my toes to do better. I don’t know what the concept of credit is in this industry. All I know is that I am an actor, I am here to act. I don’t want to be a star.

Who is your role model in life?

There is not one person to whom I look up to. I look up to people around me.  If you ask about any particular actor then it would be Irrfan Khan, I love that actor. If I meet him someday I will touch his feet. He is a natural actor.

What keeps you busy when not working?

After from acting, motorcycling is something I am passionate about. I travelled entire Europe; it was more than 16,000 kms. I started 14 Dec and returned on 9 March. I took only 3 days break. It was an amazing journey. We were three people riding together but unfortunately, one had to go back home because of his ill health. We, other two, managed to complete the journey. I started riding when I was 11. I am deeply passionate about motorcycling.

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