Seerat Kapoor who plays Cheeni in Star Plus' Imlie gets into a conversation.

Seerat Kapoor who comes from an acting background has got her first big role as she plays one of the lead roles in Star Plus’ popular show Imlie. The new generation story has kickstarted in the show, and Seerat plays the adopted daughter of Imlie, by name Cheeni.

In a candid exclusive chat with, Seerat talks about her role and the big opportunity that she has bagged with Imlie.

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This is your first big opportunity on TV. How has the feeling been?

It’s all been very exciting and hopeful. I am very positive going forward with this already amazing show. After a lot of hard work, I’ve got this opportunity and I’ll make sure to make the best of it.

How did the role get to you?

I am so thankful to the Casting Director, Dimpy Sinha ma’am who called me to audition for Cheeni. Then there were some look tests and mock shoots, after which I finally got the call that I am Cheeni. I am really grateful to Gul Ma’am and Star Plus for trusting me with this major responsibility.

Tell us about how Cheeni as a character is?

Cheeni is a modern-day girl who is fearless and strong-headed. She won’t take any injustice and knows very well to fight for what she wants in life. Cheeni is a human being with flaws as well as qualities. She loves her family and she loves herself too.

Any similarities you possess with Cheeni?

I’d say that my parents have brought me up to be a strong-minded and independent girl too. I am always the one you’d see fighting for everyone’s rights along with mine. I am not the one to back down to fight for a good cause.

You come from an acting family. So what are the learning curves that you have got from your father and brother?

I have seen my dad work in this field and most importantly he has guided me through every audition, and every shoot and also taught me so much about the business aspect of this industry. My brother has worked in this field since he was a child and he always motivates me to do what seems difficult or impossible.

How is it to play one of the leads in a big project on Star Plus?

I feel blessed that I am working with Star Plus, the leading channel, and that’s everyone’s dream. It’s a huge responsibility and I just want to give my best to it. I want to make those people proud, who chose me for this and those who were with me through all of this. There are a lot of changes happening around, and people have started recognising me. All I want is to stay grateful to everyone.

How is it to shoot with Megha Chakraborty?

Megha is a wonderful actor and very experienced too. Even though we’ve just met it feels like it was meant to be. We have a very friendly atmosphere at the set and that makes it even more beautiful to work here.

What do you think will be the USP of Imlie 2?

I believe the USP of the show should be its relatability. The audience is going to feel like they are a part of it because, in everything we do, we try to be as real as possible in the sense, that it’s a TV show. But our goal is to show the characters with all their traits including the negative ones.

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