Ajay Chaudhary who plays a very different role in Star Plus’ Rishton Ka Chakravyuh gets talking about the show, his role and the response he has got...

I have never believed in safe play and it has never happened with me – Ajay Chaudhary

Ajay Chaudhary who has had a great body of work on television with shows Behenein, Phulwa, Junoon, Uttaran to name a few, has recently got back to the TV screens with a completely new avatar in Star Plus’ newest show, Rishton Ka Chakravyuh (Taurus Media and Rolling Pictures).

Now that he is back, the actor is not only busy with his new show, but is also busy dodging questions about why he agreed to play a father at such a young age!!

When we at IndianWikiMedia.com called Ajay, we too had the same question to ask, but with all determination and positivity, Ajay replied to us. “See, people have been asking me ever since the show launched, as to why I am playing a father. But I want to tell one thing, this story is not only about one character. This is the beauty of this story. If you have seen episodes, you will realize that every character is different and has his / her own story.”

Explaining more about the nuances that his character of Baldev Vikram Singh gets to do in the show, Ajay averred, “I have a love – hate relationship with Narayani’s character. With Sangeeta, I have a relationship where she is a part of my life. My character graph is such that people will go mad looking at the way this person reacts to various situations. I think I have never ever played such a role in my career.”

“Above all, I would want to say that apart from what I am doing or not doing in the show, the fact is that the show is looking very nice and classy. I got this offer almost a year back. After Uttaran, I was part of a Zee Anmol show that I was hosting. Since the show involved lot of traveling, I could not take up a daily show. Post that, my daughter was getting born, so got busy with that. After that, I was looking for a good role, when almost a year back, I got a call from Sanjot and was given a small brief and was asked to come for the pilot episode. With whatever I got to know at that time, I understood that this was not a typical show and it was a modern day Mahabharat. But after I did the pilot, I was determined that I will not do any other show and will wait for this. I got lot of offers in between, but something told me that I had to wait for this one. In simple words, I was kicked about the character. This character has so many shades, and the manner in which this character will react to other characters in the show will surprise viewers all the time. The guy’s back story is something of a huge level,” the actor added on.

Was there not a fear in you of being type-cast in playing father roles? “In television, we all know that when you start a show and it takes a leap of say 10 years, you will eventually end up playing an elderly character. As you know, I was part of Uttaran that took such leaps. I don’t think playing elder characters will affect one’s career in any way. If the character has meat in it, I am happy playing it. My wife was also very happy when I got this character.”

On the response got, Ajay explained, “My family loved the episodes that have come. I am the biggest critic for my own work. Mostly, I don’t like much about me. I don’t like thinking about what I do and what I look like. But I have been watching the episodes and I have loved them. Even if I was not part of this show, I would have loved it. That’s the manner in which it has been presented. For me, I am in a happy phase right now that I am part of a very good show. This is my comeback show after some time, and I am glad that my return has not gone unnoticed. Ther response has been overwhelming.”

Ajay has been in demand for the last few months, with offers coming from many shows. “I was also offered the lead role in Kuldeepak and there was a time when I was actually contemplating about doing Chakravyuh or Kuldeepak. I now hear that Kuldeepak ended. So all that happens, happens for the good I would say.”

Ajay feels that he is blessed to have played variety of roles in his 10 years long career. “We are actors, and if someone asks me to stand wearing a saree, I will do it provided the character is meaty. But yes, if there is nothing left to do in a character, then it becomes a time waste. With me, I have been lucky that I have got different kinds of roles. I got to work with Anurag Basu, Vikram Bhatt. I learned a lot from them. I have never believed in safe play, and it has never happened with me,” he stated.

To work with popular faces like Narayani Shastri and Sangeeta Ghosh is something special. In addition to them, the show boasts of some damn good actors. “Everybody knows that Narayani and Sangeeta are very good actors. Even my mother Anju Mahendroo is a veteran. Ram Gopal Bajaj and Tom Alter are really good. Mahima is doing a fabulous job. It is easy to get a role, but it is always difficult to portray it in a right way. Mahima is being very easy on her scenes, doing it very beautifully. She’s doing it very naturally, and that’s the beauty of the character. Even Devarshi who played my son, was a pleasure to work with. It is great to see good work on screen.”

Ajay also revealed a fact that Narayani was supposed to be cast opposite him in a show earlier, but did not materialize. “I have always admired Narayani as an actor. I loved her show Namak Haramm. When I met her on the set for the first time, I even told her that I am a big fan of hers. There is a very positive aura with her around. Both Narayani and Sangeeta are very natural actors. We work in a theatrical way and this is an experience to enjoy,” he added.

On the expectations ahead on Chakravyuh, Ajay said, “I am very hopeful that people will like the show. I always look at any show as the audience first. And after watching the episodes of Chakravyuh, I loved it. I belong to a middle class family, and I have been watching shows. I have seen shows like Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii and many others. So I believe if I like the show, the masses will also like it. The show has all the flavours and has something for audience of all ages. I don’t find any reason why Chakravyuh will not be liked. Above all, the Producer Sanjot Kaur has been making this show out of sheer love. Every actor, every creative, technician is so happy working on the set. So when so much of love and positive energy goes into a show, it has to work. Sanjot is very particular about her work, and takes care of all the minute detailing. So we are all looking forward to a great journey with Chakravyuh.”

All the very best, Ajay!!

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