Comedian Bharti Singh, who began her journey on TV shows as a comedian and hosted various reality shows, is one of the renowned personalities in the entertainment industry. The actress was recently welcomed as a guest on Kareena Kapoor’s show What Women Want.

As per reports in Times Of India, in the promo, Bharti spoke about being conscious of her skin and look as she had already seen Kareena’s picture for the show and how she looked, she added: “Mein aaj aapke show mein aayi hoon subah se mein skin ko dekh rahi hoon. As I had seen your photo before only in the morning”.

Bharti also cracked a joke about her weight and said, “I have been a fat kid since the beginning and I have been the child where you say ‘merey Karan Arjun aayegey dharti ka seena phadke’ just like that I ripped through my mother’s womb and have come in this world.” Bharti further told host Kareena that when she sees the actors pose with wet hair or glossy she also feels like posing like them. Bharti stated, “I also feel like sleeping on the sand and the photographer saying, ‘yes yes hold hold’.” Bharti towards the end stated that she wants to be a mother once again. Kareena gets surprised to hear the comedian. Bharti added, “I once again want to be a mother because I am enjoying it.”

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