Ruhi Chaturvedi of Kundali Bhagya talks about her iconic role, her heartfelt feelings on not being part of the show, and on her future.

I want to play every possible character that will groom me more as an actor: Ruhi Chaturvedi of Kundali Bhagya fame

Ruhi Chaturvedi was a newcomer in the industry when she was cast for the iconic role of Sherlyn in Zee TV’s long-running show Kundali Bhagya. Today, she is a household name, with her character being very popular with the masses.

Ruhi recently quit the show that made her the celebrity that she is now, owing to the leap happening in the show.

She misses the ambience and the set of Kundali Bhagya. She says that she has tears in her eyes, when she thinks of the fact that she is not part of the show anymore.

In a candid and emotional talk with, Ruhi Chaturvedi relives the journey of being part of Kundali Bhagya and being in the shoes of Sherlyn for one last time.


How has the whole journey with Kundali Bhagya been for you?

The journey of Kundali Bhagya for me, has been nothing more than magic. Who would have known about a girl coming from the fashion industry, who did not know how to walk, talk etc, and who got to play one of the iconic characters of Indian TV for five and half years? This character of Sherlyn gave me all appreciation, love, and awards; the character was a dream come true for me. That’s what Kundali Bhagya has done for me. I am going to be blessed always.

What are the takeaways from the popular role of Sherlyn for you?

The takeaway that I have from Sherlyn is love. I know that she did make a lot of wrong decisions. But whatever she did was for love. I think love is really important in life. I am not telling that a person who betrayed and killed someone is good; but she was all symbolic of love and that is what matters.

I want to play every possible character that will groom me more as an actor: Ruhi Chaturvedi of Kundali Bhagya 791459

What is the best attribute in Sherlyn that you liked as a performer?

Everything about Sherlyn was good. I don’t know, I still do not have an answer. As a performer, I learned a lot from this role.

What are you looking at after playing such a popular role like Sherlyn?

I am going to play everything. Sherlyn happened to me by luck. I worked hard and have come this far. Now, I want to do everything. I want to play every possible character on this planet, which will groom me more as an actor. I am not going to be choosy. I love emotional characters, powerful ones etc. I want my work to speak for myself.

Are you apprehensive that you will start getting only negative roles? How do you want to tackle that?

There is this problem always on TV. If an actor does well in a negative role, he/she gets offered only that. This is very wrong. But for me, I am ready to play another negative role. This space of being negative gives rise to this powerful, strong, good-looking personality who can act also. I will take up such roles that are strong and negative.

Who will you miss the most on the set of Kundali Bhagya?

I am missing everyone on the set. I have been on the set practically, every day for all these years. So it is not only the actors, but also the crew who I will miss. It was home for all of us. Realizing that I am not going on the set and meeting them brings tears to my eyes. It makes me feel empty!! But ya, that is life!!

What has this show and role taught you as an individual?

I have practically grown with the role and with the show. I have learned that you can become somebody if you put in your hard work. The role has taught me not to do bad work (laughs).

What are the kind of roles that you are looking at now?

As I said, I am not going to be choosy. I want to do everything. I am greedy as an actor.

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