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If you don’t like Pehredaar Piya Ki, don’t watch it: Tejasswi Prakash Wayangankar

Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar is extremely happy at the decision of Broadcasting Content Complaints Council for not banning her controversial Sony show Pehredaar Piya Ki (Shashi Sumeet Mittal) but changing the time slot in wake of social media protest regarding young boy-older girl pairing.

“Despite whatever people say the council took the right decision in its wisdom.  For me the new time slot is also good enough as I regard 10pm as prime time as well.  It will only help the story for those who want to watch the show will still do it. ”

“Having said that I really don’t understand the fuss the time slot change is also generating on social media,” says Tejaswi to IndianWikiMedia.

She further continues, “Several shows before us have also seen their time slots get revised, so what is the big deal if the same thing has happened to us. The bottom line is that our show has not got the axe and there is no change in storyline as well. I guess people with lots of spare data are obsessed with all elements of our show, be it time slot and track etc.”

Here Tejaswi refuses to comment on the reported leap, “As I have not been informed about the same, so I don’t know what to say.”

When we ask about her view on romantic equation between older women and younger men she says, “I again don’t understand the fuss. Even our show co star Suyyash Rai is happily married to Kishwer Merchantt who is much older to him.  Similarly even Sachin Tendulkar’s better half is senior to him in age.  Age gap is not an issue, here the storm brew for the groom is a kid. But you need to also take into circumstance why my character Divya agreed to marry   Ratan (Affan Khan).”

Tejaswi has one more thing to say to naysayers, “All said and done we are getting desired ratings, since the launch a month back we continue to remain number 1.  Since Sony has good content, the fact that we are still here reflects that the audience loves us.”

What about the charge that young kids might get wrongly influenced?  “A lot depends on the upbringing and values  you inculcate in your kids.  Tomorrow you might say, films based on terrorists theme will also encourage anti state violence.  This is just a half hour show what about the other  23 and half hours, what kind of influence  your kids are getting then? Also if you don’t like it, don’t watch it period.”

In closing point out to her that comparisons of Pehredaar Piya Ki  with Game Of Thrones  was wrong, and she gets agitated  saying, “So what,  tomorrow if we had GOT theme  and tried to show romantic relations between a brother and sister pairing, the whole word would have come crashing down on us.  You have no issue with western content, which shows even worse things, and yet you only target us?”

We wish her show success!!!

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