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Candid chat with Kinshuk Mahajan

It is very important that as an actor you bring value to the show: Kinshuk Mahajan

Talented actor Kinshuk Mahajan is looking forward to his entry in popular Zee TV show, Ishq Subhan Allah. His character will create a love triangle amongst him and the leads, played by Eisha Singh and Adnan Khan.

“One of the main reasons for saying yes was that I have never done a Muslim social before.”

How did you prep? “I am following a lot of Pakistani dramas to get the body language and diction. Interestingly, one thing I picked up was that while desi shows use a lot of shuddh Hindi and khalis Urdu, shows across the Wagah border have lots of Punjabi touches.”

When asked about the ratings of Ishq Subhan Allah, which have come down of late, he says, “Today when numbers don’t come, things get changed in a hurry. Ideally, you should give some time. But again, TRPs have several other facets that are beyond our control, so the best thing would be to put in your best. There is no sure shot formula to success.”

Here Kinshuk, who has done several shows like Sapna Babul Ka…Bidaai, Chand Chhupa Badal Mein and Naagin before, makes a frank admission that he found it safer to enter a known brand, rather than trying his hand at a new project which might or might not click. “At the end of the day, you have to be seen for your work to be recognized, which otherwise is a waste of time.”

“It is also very important that as an actor, you bring value to the show and not just be there. I have been very lucky to have always netted juicy characters. Something similar is on the anvil for Ishq Subhan Allah as well, which I am entering with a lot of positivity. The Creative Eye unit is also looking forward to my joining in.”

“Also, the very fact that I have been brought in proves that there was something lacking and now it is up to me to prove my mettle.”

Kinshuk attributes his over a decade long staying power to his practical approach. “Many stars get very choosy, demanding only particular type of roles. You need to be flexible. And most important is your attitude. In this word of mouth industry, past tantrums cost you big.”

Here he accepts that options do get limited due to type-casting. “Even I got more Bihari type of characters (post Afsar Bitiya). But then you have to play with whatever cards you are dealt. Hence, try to choose the best on offer. Rest you have to leave to destiny.”

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