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India can stay ahead of Coronavirus curve – Kunal Jaisingh

Kunal Jaisingh of Colors series, Pavitra Bhagya, is hopeful of India staying ahead of the pandemic Coronavirus curve, “Luckily it arrived late on our shores, thereby giving the government legroom to put into place emergency lockdown measures. The next two containment weeks are critical if we wish to avoid the death dance in Italy and China. But for that, the public too needs to play ball. If rather than heeding prudent stay at home most folk continue to traipse around as illiterate, then all the bets will be off,” says Kunal, who first gained name and fame as Omkaraof Ishqbaaz.

For his part, Kunal is following standard safety norms of regularly washing his hands especially after coming from out and cleaning the house with disinfectants. “I also avoid ordering outside grub, preferring homemade food. I also ensure that the house helps too washes her hands after coming in. Post that, I yet give her sanitizer to be doubly sure.”

In closing, when we ask if the suspension airing of fresh episodes of his new show might affect its ratings, once the telecast situation returns to normal, he says, “With all shoots off, I am not sure if we will hurt or it will be fair game for all, depending on who picks up more viewership. But this shooting lockdown is the need of the hour, for our unit has 200 people, and you don’t know who might be a carrier?”.

Well said, Kunal.

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