Television’s one of the highest-paid and popular actresses, Rubina Dilaik, is an adventurous soul. She is known for her daring spirit and love for exploration. Whether scaling mountains or diving deep into oceans, with her free-spirited energy, she embraces every challenge, inspiring others to step out of their comfort zones and seek their own adventures. Yet again, the diva embarked on an adventurous trekking trip, where she found a ‘gem,’ a wild veggie, which she likes to cook and eat. Let’s take a look below.

Rubina Dilaik’s Wild Cooking Experience

On her journey to explore nature, the wanderlust beauty Rubina found a gem in the wild nature. The actress found a veggie called Lingad in Hindi (Fiddlehead). This is a veggie from the fern family, usually found in Himachal and Uttrakhand, called Lingdu. In the shared video, Rubina revealed that she was trekking in the area and found this veggie called Lingad.

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Further, she added that Fiddlehead veggie is a bunch of calcium and a lot of other nutrients. She couldn’t stop explaining the benefits of this leafy veggie. Today, she planned to have this in her meal. Rubina revealed that Fiddlehead is found in the Jungle around her hometown, Himachal. Well, this wasn’t wild cooking, but Rubina will turn the wild into something delicious dish. For her adventurous ride, the actress wore a comfy shirt, and with glasses, she styled her look.