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Mudit Nayar spills the beans on Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein extension

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein gets an extension till May –  Mudit Nayar

Sony TV mute love story Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein, starring Mudit Nayar and Simran Pareennja, which was supposed to have ended in February, has now been given an extension.

Mudit confirmed the same saying, “Yes, our the contract was to lapse this month, but given good feedback, we will go on till the end of May.”

Talking about his Ishaaron journey, Mudit says, “It was quite a challenge to express all those emotions sans voice (the character is mute), but overall a good experience. I am glad I took it up as it has raised my bar as an actor. I am now looking for hard-core performance-oriented roles which I agree is quite tough to find in TV given its female-dominated ecosystem.” says this actor who has done tube projects like Palampur Express, Badi Devrani, and Devanshi.

“Also, sadly, despite doing a lot of good shows, most TV actors are still not known by their real names, but by their respective character’s titles. So if television does not satisfy my creative urges, I might try my hands at films and web.”

So is he comfortable kissing on screen? “This question itself throws bare their intent of using above risqué snuff to get eyeballs. I am looking for juicy character, and if they have one or two such scenes which are required by the script, then I am game.”

In closing, Mudit says for the moment reality shows are not high in his wish list. “But never say never I just might try my hands at dance shows but not singing ones, for if I start crooning, the show will shut shop.”

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