The actor has re-invented his looks

It’s important for an actor to look good: Shashank Vyas

Popular actor Shahsank Vyas is a handsome man who has killer looks.

Shashank is currently playing Ravish in Yash Patnaik’s Jana Na Dil Se Door and has got the sex appeal in his look and eyes.

Interestingly, he has transformed himself from a boy of Balika Badhu to a handsome man. Shashank admires Shahrukh Khan a lot for his career. He says, “It’s important for an actor to look good and reinvent himself. I am receiving good feedback for my new look and everyone is saying inspiring things which is a good feeling.”

He is tall, fair, and handsome. The charismatic eyes and bearded look has enhanced his personality and red color he carries so effortlessly. We wonder who will win his heart and sweep him off his feet with her charm and make him lose his bachelorhood!

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