It was quite challenging to marry a buffalo: Jay ‘Bakool’ Soni

Jay Soni shares his experience on marrying a buffalo in Bhaag Bakool Bhaag

It was quite challenging to marry a buffalo: Jay ‘Bakool’ Soni

Jay Soni, who is already married twice in Colors’ Bhaag Bakool Bhaag will get hitched a third time on the show.  And this time Bakool will tie the nuptials with a buffalo.

Yes, you read it right.

“One of my wives is scared that I will have two wives (she is unaware about my bigamy) as written in my horoscope, hence  does this ritual to ward off the threat. I am the first TV actor to have done such a track.”

“It was quite challenge to shoot for the huge buffalo had a mind of her own and we all were scared that she might hurt us with her horns,” he smiles.

Talking about such traditions, Jay says, “While most youngsters don’t believe in them, many times people just go through the rituals, out of deference to their parents and priests.  All said and done I will surely put my foot down, if asked to do so in my real life.”

Tell Jay that now we have a show (Kya Haal, Mr Paanchal)  where a man has five wives and he says, “I guess success of  Bakool has spurred this  phenomena.”

Here, he denies the notion that his character might encourage others men to have more than one wife. “Bakool is never shown to be happy on the contrary he is always in a soup. I always make it a point to repeat the dialogue that no man should have two wives.”

“I am glad that the audience also understands my character’s predicament, he did not marry twice for larks. Many old ladies sympathize with me enquiring if I had food when coming across them at airports.”

Point out on his show’s early evening 5.30 pm slot and he admits, “It is very tough slot for no one is free to watch TV at that time. Most of my show’s fan base which includes house helps watches the same at 11 pm. The repeat slot is doing better numbers then the original.”

On buzz of the show being pulled off air the talented smart looking actor says, “One does not know what really happens on TV and such decisions come without warning. Having said that, I am quite happy with the way the show has progressed at the moment.  People have told me that they never thought that I would be able to pull this off.”

Looking ahead, Jay would want to break his boy next door image trying out Casanova bad dude kind of characters. “As an actor it is important to do different types of roles,” he ends.

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