Mahima Makwana, who is currently enthralling audiences as Mariam, in Star Plus’ Mariam Khan Reporting Live, is sad with the closure of her show.

The news about the series shutting shop has been doing the rounds for quite some time now. exclusively reported about the same. Now, we hear it is ending on 11th January.

Talking about her experience, she says, “It has been only three months that I was associated with the show. It is sad that the show is going off air. I never felt it would end so soon. The show was being appreciated on social media. People liked my chemistry with Param. I believe everything happens for a reason and this was meant to be. It is sad. The time I spent on the set was amazing. I gelled really well with my director, creative director and co-star, Param. I am so glad that I picked this show. Firstly, I had a good experience; and secondly, I got compliments like I have started looking better and prettier on screen, and that my performance has improved. I had a very different look in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh. Here, my character is like the girl next door, so I could look how I wanted to. The journey was short but sweet.”

She continues, “The entire team was sweet. Yesterday was the last day of my shoot. It is quite sad but can’t be helped now. I couldn’t believe that in three months of the show, I could have such a great time. When you enter a show in between, you get thoughts like you won’t be able to gel with the people on set. However, Param and I entered the show together, so we were accepted warmly. I met some amazing people on set.”

When asked what could be the reason behind the closure of the show, she avers, “We were told that TRPs are the reason of the closure of the show. The show was accepted well on the digital platform. And it was stable. I think there was competition with other shows. Actors are told that TRPs are the reason for the closure but we don’t know what is behind the curtains. I have no clue and I am sad that the show is ending. I want to thank the audiences for accepting me as Mariam in such a short span of time and also for loving my chemistry with Fawad (Param Singh).”

Mahima believes if the show would have been on the digital platform, it would have been accepted well. “I think if it would have been on Hotstar, it would have done well. There were youngsters who were watching the show. This was also because the show showcased a romantic drama within a serious plot.”

On an end note, she adds, “I want to get back on screen soon. I will come back with something more interesting, bigger and better. I don’t know what kind of a project, but I am looking forward to doing a web-series, TV show, or movie that comes my way.”

Good luck, Mahima!