Actor Rajshree Seem who essays the role of Karuna in Zee TV’s popular show Zindagi Ki Mehak (Parin Multimedia) is very happy and satisfied with the way her character has progressed in the show.

Says Rajshree, “I am enjoying working in the show a lot. We gel well with each other just like a family. For most of them here on the set, I am known as Karuna Maa only. They consider me as a mother, and we are very fond of each other.”

Rajshree states that she is very much like Karuna in real life too. “I love my kids a lot, and am very closely knit with my family in real life too. Karuna is a bit more sophisticated which I am not. Otherwise, I am more fun-loving than Karuna,” she states.

Ask her about the USP of the show, and she states, “I will attribute the reason for popularity and success of Mehak to the story line. It is devoid of kitchen politics, and the typical saas bahu drama. So all this makes it very different. Also the best part of the show is that our show has a lead face who is not typically a zero-figure. She is a normal girl who looks very real. We live in a society where zero-figure is the talk of the town. So this show brings us closer to reality.”

“The best part which connected to the audience was about Karuna and Shaurya’s bonding even when she was his step-mother,” states the actress.

We immediately ask her, that with the entry of her real daughter, Karuna has eventually crossed swords with Shaurya, isn’t it?  How is she justified now? “Drama in TV has to be there. See, Karuna always longed that she did not have a kid of her own. When Anjali came into the picture, she has gotten too positive towards her daughter. This does not mean that she is now negative towards Shaurya and Mehek. In an attempt to over-protect Anjali, she is indirectly hurting Shaurya and Mehek.”

At this juncture, Rajshree narrates a tale that happened for real on the sets. “Actually when we were told of this particular track, we all cried hard because that is the kind of bond we share. We did not want to shoot for the scene where Shaurya and Mehek had to go out of the house. But as actors, we have to do it. Our Writer and Producer Saurabh Tewari has thought of a very good story ahead and we hope viewers enjoy it.”

Talking about the new layering in Karuna wherein she has to now portray a negative role, Rajshree says, “Yes, I am very happy with the various shades I have got to play. She was a business woman who even spent time in the kitchen with her daughter-in-law. Now she has gotten negative towards Shaurya and Mehek. I am very happy with this journey.”

Rajshree here confides that she has been welcomed by negative comments from fans. “Yes the comments really hurt. But all is fair at work. But if you ask me personally, I feel bad to be hurting Shaurya and Mehek. Anyways, I am happy that if viewers have gotten angry, it is a job well done for me. Yes, we will miss shooting with them for a while now, as they are not in Khanna Mansion.”

Rajshree who is basically a theatre personality, has earlier been part of Zindagi’s Agar Tum Saath Ho. “I have done much more work on TV earlier. But the popularity that Mehek has given me cannot be explained in words.”

Continue your good work, Rajshree!!