Actress Saarvie Omana who plays the role of Kaynaat in Zee TV’s Rabb Se Hai Dua is happy that her love story in the show with Hafiz (Lokit Phulwani) is being well-received.

Says Saarvie, “Kaynaat’s sweet old school love story in Rabb Se Hai Dua is getting so much love and response from the audience. Nowadays such love stories are in books only, but our writer is doing a great job with Kaynaat and Hafiz’s love angle. They kept it really sweet. The track is really beautiful with pure love towards each other, and how the track is moving ahead is also very beautiful.”

Saarvie appreciates the flow of sequences that aligned this love story of Hafiz and Kaynaat well. “All of it started with Dua finding out about their love. Later, Haider got to know of it in a dramatic way. Haider accepting their love and also making Kaynaat understand the importance of love was brilliantly shot and written too. The scene was so beautiful, and the audience’s response was really sweet. They liked the bond between the brother and sister.”

Saarvie who was on a break from the show owing to bad weather, after being indisposed wig dengue, is happy to be back on the show. On the upcoming drama, she states, “There is a lot to come. How a big brother will handle the love story of Hafiz and Kaynaat is to be seen. I am really looking forward to knowing how tracks will resolve. I am blessed to be working with the best team.”

Best of luck, Saarvie!!