Salman Ali, from Mewat, Haryana has come a long way in gaining stardom after facing lot many ordeals in life owing to the poor financial status that his family has been in.

Indian Idol 10 has given him the platform to rise and shine!! And the boy has embraced with elan the Lady Luck who has been with him, during every single performance in the show.

Says Salman in an exclusive conversation with, “I am thankful to Sony TV and the platform of Indian Idol. I have got all the recognition through this huge platform. I have gotten to be with so many celebrities and have learnt from them. I just cannot believe that all this could have happened to me. My life has changed because of Indian Idol.”

Salman feels that the platform of Indian Idol is so huge that whoever traverses the path will have a changed life. “This platform has made every individual into a better person. When I came here, nobody knew me. I was in such a bad state financially. But now, all know me and love me so much.”

Salman will consider himself blessed if God awards him with the Indian Idol trophy. “I do not know what will happen in the Finale. All I can say is that ‘janta’ loves me and I am blessed for all the love got. If I win Indian Idol, that will be a big moment for me. However, if I don’t win, I will still get the love of people. I will not stop myself from achieving greater heights.”

Way to go, Salman!!