Candid chat with Reyhna Malhotra

Like Mohini, I too believe that love must have some madness: Reyhna Malhotra

Reyhna Malhotra is pleased as punch with the positive response that her rustic chudail character in Zee TV show, Manmohini, is garnering. “It was no mean task to essay a traditional Rajasthani-speaking 500 year-old witch after impressing one and all with my western babe avatar in Jamai Raja and Ishqbaaz/Dil Boley Oberoi.”

Reyhna also takes the sexy tag with grace, saying, “I am already sexy; and the oomph element is also a by-product of one’s personality. Anything that comes naturally always attracts you more. Here, I also give full credit to the writer and costume designer for adding the sexy notes with their apt dialogues and attire.”

When asked about the new daayan phase of TV, she says, “I am lucky to have benefitted out of it; and I believe our well-written rooted story, devoid of unnecessary usage of VFX, is what separates us from the rest of the supernatural crowd,” says Reyhna, who has also done a film called Babloo Happy Hai.

“The best thing is that, although I am playing a negative character in  Manmohini, people are still liking what I do on screen. There is one thing common between Mohini and me which is that we both believe that there has to be some madness in love. Remember, she has waited 500 years for her man to come back.”

“I too personally believe in old-school love, which calls for patience, hard work and selfless love. Like her, I too can do what it takes for my guy. Any romance without deep emotion is not worth writing home about. So since I kinda get her, it helps me to get the required emotions better. This in turn helps the audiences to better connect with my character’s joy and sadness. A true actor is one who is able to touch base with all feelings, be they good, bad or ugly.”

One thing that we liked about Reyhna is she did not give the standard ‘I am single’ line, when asked about her personal relationship status scene. Rather, she says, “I don’t want to talk about it”.

Good enough, Ms. Malhotra. We wish you all the best for 2019 and ahead.

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