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The Tujhse Hai Raabta star shares how it took a pandemic and a nationwide lockdown for to find quality time with her family

The lockdown has brought me so close to my family: Tujhse Hai Raabta actress Reem Shaikh

Zee TV’s popular fiction show Tujhse Hai Raabta has won everyone’s hearts with its intriguing storyline and natural performances by its lead stars, Reem Shaikh (Kalyani) and Sehban Azim (Malhar). KalMa, as the couple is fondly called by fans, is one of the most loved Jodis of Indian television and while everyone has always enjoyed seeing them on the small screen, the countrywide lockdown due to the COVID-19 outbreak put a halt on the show’s shoot when the storyline was at a very crucial juncture where Kalyani and Malhar had stumbled upon Trilok (played by Aayush Anand), a prospective bone marrow donor who could save their child Moksh from his illness. But Trilok clearly seems to have a game plan when it comes to having vested interests of his own before he gives them the bone marrow. As Kalyani moves into his house as per Trilok’s terms, Malhar senses not all is as it seems and the man seems to have dubious intentions. Will he be able to save Kalyani and unravel his truth in the nick of time?

On the personal front, actor Reem Shaikh, being the widely loved Zee TV bahu, recently shared a few things that she indulged in and the new things she tried her hands on during the quarantine period. Lately, the actress has been spending a lot of time bonding with her family and although she has always lived with them, the quarantine has given the actress some much needed quality ‘family time’. Reem has been utilizing her time well to bond with her family members especially with her mother who has become her new cooking partner and co-chef. The mother-daughter duo have seem to have found a connection over delicious food and even prepared some wonderful delicacies together.

Sharing her thoughts, Reem said, “The lockdown has taught all of us so many important things that we should cherish. I genuinely feel guilty about the fact that even though I used to live with my family all this while, I never understood the importance of family being around. Somewhere, we all take our loved ones for granted. And it is crazy that it took me a global pandemic and a nationwide lockdown to come to that realisation. The lockdown has brought me ever so close to my family. I don’t think I’ll be able to drink my evening coffee alone anymore. I have come to crave my mother’s company for the same, more so because that developed into a habit during this lockdown phase. My mother and I together have learned to cook during this phase. This little learning activity doubled up as a great bonding exercise for the both of us, I feel.”

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