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Ritvik Arora grateful for getting a juicy character in Colors show

If your love is true, it becomes your strength: Ritvik Arora

Ritvik Arora feels himself lucky that compared to most male actors on TV, his character in the Colors show, Tu Aashiqui, has much more to offer.

“The normal monotony does not set in, for Ahaan does everything–he is funny, plays around, and gets angry as well. I am quite grateful for getting such a juicy character, so early in my career.”

“The best part is that I am similar to my character in real life.The only difference is that he loses his top easily, which I don’t.”

Ritvik has a very classical take on Aashiqui. “It is immense love, which does not require reciprocation– giving your everything for the upliftment of someone else.”

But how do you accept the fact that the other does not share your feelings.“If your love is true, then it becomes your strength.”

Personally, Ritvik has not come across anyone yet, who will compel him to do the above selfless love act.“Right now, I only care for my family, and will do what it takes for them.”

He enjoys a great on-screen and off-screen equation with his co-star, Jannat Zubair Rahmani. “She has become my first friend in the industry, and is really nice to talk to.”

What about co-star, Rahil Azam? “He is one of the best actors around. Sometimes, I am so mesmerized by his acting skills, that I even forget my lines. He does the negative stuff so well, that it sends a shudder down your spine.”

Ritvik, who is originally from Delhi,came to Mumbai only for this audition, and bagged this Gurudev Bhalla show.“I have been a dancer before, having done several shows. Performing for an audience, be it via dance or acting, gives me a high.”

Ritvik says he has really grown as an actor. “I was a complete rookie in the beginning,with no knowledge of the camera,markers, etc.But I learn fast.You can see the positive trajectory for yourself, in the flash back scenes.”

In closing, he says, “No sector is warm towards newcomers. “It all boils down to your efforts and interpersonal skills, on how you warm up to the people around you.”

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